Sunday, April 17, 2011

Famous First....

Yes i know...a looong pause in writing yet AGAIN. I might of as well face it, that posting every day just isn't in my schedule. I will also yet again tell myself that you have to do this Mandy, you will want these posts later in life. To be honest, well why would i lie anyhow? I always seem to find that to be a funny statement - "to be honest" or "honestly?" -, i want you to lie to me. LOL

So I have in my head that I don't want to post pics on my blog until I have completely learned my photo shop and can post professional looking pictures. Since that has not happened yet, i need to not worry about it. Just post on my blog and know that someday, the kids will not be judging if the pics aren't in focus or if the red eye is still there. Maybe someday as we go through the days the pics will start to look better.
I have the expensive camera - that should be good enough, right?

Since I have last posted we have had 2 mentionable first time events. One for each child come to think of it.
Let's talk about Rileys first. Her first preschool birthday invite!! March 26, 2011 at the Universal Fitness Center for her friend Chloe. It also was a surprise. I was so excited to tell Riley about the party that Friday before the actual surprise, when I knew that she would not see Chloe again before the party. Little did I know, so was Tim. He gets to pick her up from preschool. By the time I got home, walked in and said "guess what we're doing tomorrow Riley?", her reponse wasn't the "what mommy, what are we doing?" that i was hoping for. Instead, my excitedness crashed smack dab to the floor when gher response was "We're going to Chloe's surprise birthday party and I'm going tonite to get her a gift"
I was pretty bummed. Tim however, was not. He had the biggest grin on his face that just said "hahahahaha, i got to tell her" Anyone say "Competition?" It's on now!!
Riley is a super shy girl. She is getting alpot better, but there are still some things that she just won't budge on. Random things. One happened to be at this birthday party. They had a huge bounce house type thing (see pics) that had a rope wall to climb to get to the slide and in turn, get out. She would just barely get in, let alone go anywhere near the climbing part. There were even females helping. We still aren't sure exactly what her fear was because she doesn't tell. She just refuses to get in. Ayden loved it however. The rest of the party she enjoyed..YAY!!! Here are some pics.

Man this post is long!
So our 2nd famous first is brought to you by Ayden. My sweet little Ayden...where did you go??
He has that boy factor starting to come out. I have to say, it is cute and yes at times even funny. Buuuut - we do gotta stop some things from happening. One of them is hitting Riley (well anyone for that matter).
One night, right after dinner he walked right up and hit her for no reason. What did this lead to - his first time to stand in the corner. Come to think of it, i dont think he has done it since. At least that I found out about.

The second one here is daddy making sure Ayden knew why he was standing there. :(

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