Monday, April 18, 2011

Veggie Run

Came home from work tonight, got my usual attack from my offspring, both 2 legged and 4 legged ;)
Took over making dinner for Tim to find out the fresh green beans i had bought at the store just last week had grown mold on them - BLAH! We do not live within walking distance of a store..too bad because it was a very nice evening tonight. So it's the trip to the country store a few miles away. So annoying when its just  veggies, milke or something so small that you need. Plus they have some crazy hours. Ok so then i get there, starving I might add and they have a delish fresh potato wedge smell all thoughout the store - give me them all NOW!! Ha!...i wish. Instead of some yummy fresh veggies, we had to settle for creamed corn in a can (which i love) because they don't have much freshness to their market. I asked who wanted to come to the store with mommy and the only one to answer was... (actually Ayden ended up coming along to)

She's always down for a car ride with the window down, snout out the window, slobber flying against the back window and sooo mad that she cant come in the store with me. I love our car rides!
You know what i also love about our car rides...sometimes Chloe likes to hop on my lap when we go away and im driving. This was perfectly fine about 6 years ago. She doesnt realize she is twice her size and weight these days. But thats not my point. My point is that when shes sitting on my lap if im driving and i yell "Cop Chloe"! she instantly jumps down off my lap and sits on a different seat.
I miss my time with Chloe. It used to me just me and her ALLLL the time. Every where i went, she went. I'm sure she's pretty bitter about the new additions that have come in the past 5 years but she never lets it show. She loves Riley and Ayden so much and has since the day they came home. She also loves our adopted dog not sure she has ever picked one fight ever with him.
I'm so glad she doesnt love them enough to dis me at bedtime. Every night she sleeps in the same spot using my leg as her pillow, snoring away. Shes my original princess and I couldnt imagine my life without her. Even if she does have the worst breathe in town! ;)

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