Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day late, but not forgotten

We had a busy Saturday that involved me being at work for 8 hours and ended with Riley having her friend Kaydence over for a sleepover. You can view the picture later for an "enough said" on that one!

February 12th is also a special day for us around here. Mr. Hilgert's Birthday!! I think this year I personally didn't make it as special as i should have because i am still overcoming all of the "first" without my dad. I promise to never let that happen again. Mr. H was a great man. I loved him from the moment I met him. (he loved me to)  He had a smile that i just loved and was just the sweetest. He was also one of the strongest men i have met in my life. He was diabetic and had alot of issues because of it. It started with him having a toe amputated. After the 2nd or 3rd on the same foot, the dr's told him he wouldnt be able to walk without a cane/walker or probably use that foot for driving. WRONG. He did it all. Eventually he ended up having to be amputated up to his knee, which then ended his driving. But he fought with all he had until it came to that.

I have alot of special memories with him in the 8 years of knowing him. Too many special ones to mention in detail - but a few are him telling Tim that "that girl likes u" the first time he saw me, him coming over to our apartment for hours, just to hang out, us going to the hospital to tell him we were engaged, our wedding and the speech he gave to me, telling him we were pregnant, my favorite one was taking Riley to meet her grandpa at LGH immediately after we were discharged from the hospital. That was a great moment!
He loved spending every minute he could with Riley and she loved him right back. Unfortunately he didnt personally get to meet our little man Ayden whose middle name Christopher, is after Mr H. We show him pics often so hopefully thru us, Ayden will know him.
I think of you often Mr. H! Thank you for raising such a great son. I hope that Ayden turns out just as great as Tim has!

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