Sunday, February 27, 2011

My first

February 22, 2006. Ohhhh wow! I remember that day so much. Even nitty gritty details and for those that know me, you know that is totally out of the norm for me. I always tell my friends that i will be the first with alzeimers because i have the WORST memory. Anyhow, back to what this post is about. Riley. The girl that has stole my heart from the day that we found out she was coming. I won't go into ALL of the details from that day, since it is already written all over books and journals I have from then. What I will get into though is how we just passed February 22, 2011. Really?? For Real? Did anyone see that happen?
Where did this go??

I have a very hard time some days gripping the fact that the kids are growing so fast. I sit in bed at the end of the day and wonder "Did I do everything that I possibly could with the kids today?" Most days, I feel like the answer is no. Then the next day comes, we scramble to get out the door so i can get to work on time, I rush home with butterflies in my stomach because I know they will be yelling "MOMMY!!" and waiting for me at the top of the stairs, and then it begins....

Riley is mad about this, she doesn't want this that way or even want it period, she does want something and she wants it NOW as if the world was ending. And then...dinner, clean up dinner, baths, teeth brushing, story time, and OMG its 9:30 you have got to get to bed. And then the whole saga about the next day before this one has even ended..."NO Mom! I am NOT going to preschool tomorrow". Lights are out and guess what...we do it all again the next day.
Next thing i know, she will be 16 years old.

For now though she is my 5 year old. I love this girl sooo much. Everything about her (again, minus that tude she can surely let loose). She is so Smart. Beautiful. Helpful. Caring. Funny. Loving. and she is one of the shyest girls i know. Getting better though. Some things that she asks at this age and things she says just makes me laugh most of the time.
The other day driving she asked me "Mom, when babies get pulled out of their mommies, how do the mommies get their skin back together again?"  So we had a loong discussion on "the real" scenarios of child birth. Then just today i heard this conversation between Riley and Ayden. Mind you, I was not listening to the beginning unfortunately so I have no idea what started this.
Riley "no you didn't Ayden, you came out of mommies belly and I came out of her vagina" WOW. So my little parrot Ayden, repeats her. "Oh yeah, I came out of her belly and your head came out of her vagina." When i said earlier that I had a talk about "real" birth. It did not come up in discussion about how either of them entered into this world, so she got me there.
Her favorite shows are on the Discovery Channel. Her and Tim will sit for hours and watch those programs. She loves to learn and she does listen to fine detail.
To celebrate Rileys 5th birthday, we had 15 of her close friends and also new friends from preschool at a local bowling alley for a party. It was a great time and she had a blast.
I look forward to watching her grow and learn more. I look forward to seeing her learn life lessons and just seeing where life takes her in general. For now...I am going to enjoy every moment of my first born. Riley Elizabeth Hilgert <3


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