Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Finally. About ME.

This has been hiding in my head trying to peak out for a LONG time. I stalk read some other blogs (mainly friends) and every time i close out, I have this guilty feeling. These girls have these memories and these places to mark special daily events, milestones, or just whatever. I totally need to get on board or someday i will regret. So here we go. I do keep a journal for the kids, when i write in it once a month - oops  ; x

Honestly, I am not even really sure how to begin, where to begin, or really what the ice breaker is here.

I got married to my hubby, Tim in 04. Got my 2 babies. 2 dogs. A bearded dragon. 4 fish. A turtle and a ton of stink bugs. We have completely grown out of our house that Tim and I bought a few months before our wedding and we hope to move mid next year.

At this time Riley will be 1...oh wait that was 4 years ago. WOW  She will be 5 in a few weeks. Ayden just turned 3. We have one crazy life. I'm a full-time working mama. Tim is a full time (3rd shift) working papa. I've been working at Verizon since 2002. It's a love hate relationship, but thankful for the place by far.
I love to take pictures but i'm not really good at it. Also another reason to start this blog. Hoping i can get some more practice with photo shop etc..

I'm thinking this is pretty much sums it up about me and my life today. I look forward to sharing our life stories and some great pics of some beautiful kids and most of all preserving memories <3


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