Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Was i excited to get it, yes!

With weekdays like this though, time energy just isn't on my side. Work = 10 hours. Dinner = Bratwurst, buttered noodles, & peas (thanks Tim). Had the kids get undressed for shower time, 1/2 hour later they were still running around the house naked. Shower time, little bit of play time, bed time routine. Now - Teen Mom for me (pathetic??) and then finally I opened it.. My Photo Shop Box. I want more time for me but i NEVER want the kids to ever grow up. I love them right where they are (minus a few eensy weensy details).
So i must go now because to use and learn my photo shop, i gotta do more than just take it out of the box.

Oh really quick - Valentines Day!  The kids LOVED getting all of their cool Valentines (so i heard, i wasnt actually present). Riley had "Special friend Day" at school. Aunt Jae got to attend. We had mom over for a delicious spaghetti dinner (thanks again, Tim)

I got Tim a Wii game that he has wanted and he got me, well us (BONUS) a weekend at the Hershey Spa. OMG! Is it may 14th yet? With me working saturdays every other month - May is the soonest he could get us in. Works out - its our 8 year wedding anniversary weekend. I can feel the peace now!

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